Sonic Massage and Energy Management by Faye

Sonic Massage and Energy Management by Faye

During a sonic massage, Faye plays a number of gongs and other instruments to create vibrations that will massage every cell in your body. We talk about sound as being waves, yet it is spherical in shape. These bubbles of sound move thru your body, gently massaging every cell.
Our body is made up of vibrations, as is everything. When vibrations lose their natural rhythm – often because of stress, trauma and diseases – our body is out of harmony and this can cause other health issues. What a sonic massage does is restore the natural flow of vibrations. For instance, using gong sounds, the vibrations can bring an  individual back to a state of complete harmony. Studies have found that using sound can bring as individual back to a state of complete harmony.
My belief is we are all in perfect balance and harmony with Divine Love at our core. Yet living in this world we have created blocks from emotional and physical trauma or disease that locks up some of our cells so they are not vibrating at their best frequency. The sound of the gongs, when the mind and body become still and just BE, vibrates those cells, releasing the blocks, hurt and trauma allowing your body to shift back to its original blue print of sound and move back to health, balance and harmony. Creating the beautiful composition of sounds that is you. Remember there are many sounds that our ears do not hear, so just because you do not hear your song, does not mean you are not singing it.

Sonic Massage may and often does:
• Still your mind
• Stimulate your lymphatic system
• Relieve stress and its effects
• Stimulate blood flow
• Balance blood pressure
• Improve breathing
• Release emotional hurt
• Often people report that their aches and pain is less or gone after a session
• Assist in eliminating unhealthy habits and addictions (it is best if you are working on this, however, I have had people report that they just no longer had a desire for something they previously were addicted to)
• Release non beneficial emotions
• Promote deep and restorative sleep (and it is ok if you go to sleep during a Sonic Massage, you did not miss anything, your body did what it was most in need of and sleep is a rejuvenating thing)
If you wear hearing aids, you may want to take them out for the session if they sound is uncomfortable in your ears. It is about the vibration you feel more than the sound you hear.
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Sonic Massage and Energy Management by Faye
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