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  • The Art of Being Webinar

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    This is a webinar where I share with you the technique that I call the Art of Being. I used this technique to heal a frozen shoulder in 45 minutes.
    This worked so wonderfully for me, I wanted to share it because I know we all have the ability to heal our bodies and this is an easy and quick way ...

  • 6. Shelly Wilson - SelfCare for Lightworkers

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    6. Shelly Wilson — Self-Care for Lightworkers and Empaths
    Taking responsibility for our own well-being is essential on this spiritual journey, especially for Lightworkers and those that are Empaths and sensitive to energies. We often overlook our own physical health and me...

  • Bonnie O’Boyle, LPC — Meditation Myth busters

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    11. Bonnie O’Boyle, LPC — Meditation Myth busters: An informal science experiment to discover Truth. A 75 minute mini workshop.

  • Teresa Wienken — Amp Up Positive Frequency.

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    Teresa Wienken — Amp Up Positive Frequency. a 75 minute mini workshop. It Is Time to Amp up the the frequency that maintains homeostasis and keeps everything in balance. You will leave the class, knowing how to create yourself, the everyday balancing of life, with the understanding how the body ...