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Watch Shelly Wilson

Watch Shelly Wilson

Up Next in Dowsing and Alternative Healing Convention 2024

  • Jim Park

    Jim Park
    Shadow Work: Bring Your Shadow into Your Conscious Awareness
    Jim will help you bring your repressed reactions, emotions, personalities, traits, and triggers to your own light of consciousness through conscious awareness. We have a dark shadow side, repressed from the light, to a depth th...

  • Faye Henry Sound as a Healing Modality

    Sound As A Healing Modality
    An in depth explanation of how sound affects healing in the physical body, followed by experiential exercises using sound in its many forms to vibrate the cells of the body. Learn to easily create the sounds your bod...

  • Ken Kappelmeir

    Ken Kappelmeier
    Cell Salts For Sun Signs
    As we are in our Mother's Womb we acquire cell salts for each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac except the sign we are born under and the two remaining signs. Negative aspects or placement of planets in certain signs may create deficiencies in cell salts. Af...