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Watch David Dolezal

Watch David Dolezal

Up Next in Dowsing and Alternative Healing Convention 2024

  • Amy Jo Ellis

    Amy Jo Ellis
    The Power of Our Thoughts
    Talk Outline:
    1. Thoughts create
    2. Noticing our thoughts
    3. Dowsing and measuring our thoughts
    4. Creating powerful thoughts
    5. Measuring our belief in the new thought.
    6. Using the Court of Atonement to program it
    7. Measuring the impro...

  • Jeanne Gehringer 24

    Jeanne Gehringer
    An Apple A Day Protocol
    Students invariably ask me what I do daily as a dowsing practice to keep myself clear, centered, connected, and well. They want something that can be done quickly and effectively. And so the Apple a Day protocol was written to fill that need. In addition, ...

  • Shoshana Avree

    Shamanic Animal Communication
    Learn the classic Shamanic Journey to meet power animals to assist you in working with pets and yourself. You will learn power animal retrieval, journeying to other worlds to meet a helping power animal who will assist wi...