ORI Dowsing and Alternative Health Presenters-All

ORI Dowsing and Alternative Health Presenters-All

❤ Patti Conklin - “If I'm Frustrated in My Life, Am I Still Spiritual?”
❤ Twink Miller - Psychometry 101
❤ Gladys McCoy - Pearls of Wisdom
❤ Chris Goin - Dowsing With The Body
❤ Vernell Boyd - Morning Inspiration & Dowsing School
❤ Dr. Marti Shuck - Marti’s Health Techniques Toolbox
❤ Dr. Nancy Bodenstein - The Invisible Rainbow, Dowsing for EMF
❤ Dr. Susan Shumsky - Outrageous Prosperity, Passion, and Purpose
❤ Katharina Spurling-Kaffl - You’re Not Broken — You Don’t Need Fixing
❤ Dodie Hunter - The Importance of Balance. Remote Healing with Harold McCoy
❤ Dr. Melinda Greer - Love and Light: A Near Death Experiencer’s Account of Existence
❤ Rebecca Buchanan - This Is What I Know. Lessons from Communicating With the Other Sid
❤ Faye Henry - Sonic Meditation with Gongs
All presenters except the all day workshop with Lauri Cloud which may be purchased seperately.

ORI Dowsing and Alternative Health Presenters-All
  • Twink Miller

    A beginners class of holding an item & scripting the information gleaned from touching the object, be it images, mental pictures, thoughts or feelings. Everything has energy and psychometry can reveal images, mental pictures, thoughts, sensations or emotions which can be written down allowing the...

  • Dr. Susan Shumsky

    Prosperity Meditations: Outgageous Prosperity, Passion, and Purpose!

  • Dodie Hunter The Importance of Balance, and Other Useful Information

    Join Harold and me as we talk about the importance of Mind, Body, Spirit balance. We will be sharing remote healing techniques that have worked for us as well as taking the class on a journey through remote healing. Time permitting; Harold will also answer some questions from the class.
    Dodi Hunt...

  • Gladys McCoy www.OzarkResearch.org - Pearls of Wisdom

    For over 45 years I have learned some remarkable techniques from others who are no longer here on earth to pass this information on. I will teach you 1) Techniques to find objects you have put away and have disappeared; 2) How to Balance your energy; 3) How your body holds emotions in your orga...

  • Dr. Marti Shuck, N.D. CR, CMT, CRA, IAA - Alternative Health Options

    Alternative Health Options
    Marti Shuck, N.D. is just one of the large Family of O.R.I. Speakers. During this lecture Marti will explain how the systems of the body work, and how you can benefit from asking your body “Is this product good for me today, or should I ask later?” This class should h...

  • Melinda Greer,MD Love and Light: A Near Death Experiencer’s Account of Existence

    Have you ever wondered what occurs beyond the death of the physical body? This class will be a presentation of a first-person account of what transpired during a childhood Near-Death-Like Experience, and another Near-Death Experience as an adult in 2013. Also discussed will be the transformative...

  • Dr Nancy Bodenstein D.M.A., The Invisible Rainbow

    The Invisible Rainbow
    Some may wonder if things exist if we cannot see or feel them. As dowsers we know that there are different energies which do exist, that cannot be seen. Yet, we do not often talk about the EMFs electromagnetic frequencies which bombard us all the time. It could be from radio...

  • Kaharina Spurling Kaffl You’re Not Broken – You Don’t Need Fixing

    Magnetic Mind work is about assisting you in creating the life you want to live and not to focus on your problems. Trying to fix yourself actually can make things worse. “Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” Bernhard George Shaw
    Magnetic Mind is about creating th...

  • Rebecca Buchanan This is What I know. Communicating with the other side.

    The class will include lecture, activities and stories on communicating with all life forms. “Reading, and offering healing for others, are the most fulfilling things I have ever done! It is not out of the ordinary to find myself laughing with a client over some funny thing that comes up when we ...

  • Patti Conklin - “If I'm Frustrated in My Life, Am I Still Spiritual?”

    How do I make sure my frequency stays high while I validate my feelings? This is such an important aspect and goal in your life. Our cells record our feelings, our words, our thoughts. We know this… However, If we are not acknowledging our feelings then our bodies are more vulnerable to energetic...

  • 30 Minute Sonic Massage with Gongs

    Are you stressed today? Take a 30 minute break and be revitalized by the sound of Paiste gongs. Don't have time to lie down, relax and listen? Play them as you work. It has been demonstrated by monitoring brain activity during numerous sessions with different people. All those monitored moved int...

  • Vernell Boyd - Morning Inspiration

    This is a great way to get your day started. Learn to tune in and listen to your inner voice. Starting at 8:00 a.m. Vernell will offer a different inspirational theme each morning.