Entire Power of Thought School 2023

Entire Power of Thought School 2023

Includes all presentations from the 2023 Power of thought School

Entire Power of Thought School 2023
  • Robert Taylor

    Robert Taylor https://tranquilityfullspectrumhealth.com
    Healing Should Be Fun
    Join me for a highly interactive class where we will learn and practice several extremely effective techniques that are easy and fun. I believe that when we do healing while in a state of joy, wonder, and awe ...

  • Adrian Kellar

    Adrian Kellar https://www.bodytalkplus.com/
    Changing Our Minds, Changing Our Lives
    We invite ourselves into a Divine Place or workshop, where all possibilities can happen. This place will work with intention and potential in new areas, to resolve and create clarity, healing or playfulness ...

  • Chris Goin Anderson

    Chris Goin-Anderson
    Energy Systems Analysis & Renewal with a Healing Protocol
    In this interactive class students will practice Applied Kinesiology: a body dowsing system that provides undeniable truth. You will learn a dowsing protocol that gets to the core of your health issues. Each attendee w...

  • Elizabeth Weedn

    Elizabeth Weedn
    Bend Spoons, See Auras, and More
    Bend spoons, see auras, lift each other on fingertips, etc. In a fun environment, directly experience the effects of working with the power of your mind. Doing is Believing!
    Elizabeth Weedn - Texas. Elizabeth is a real estate professional who s...

  • Marilyn Harper

    How to Channel, and Q & A with Adironnda and the Council of Light
    In this class you will learn the basics of connecting with your guidance system, How to distinguish between your imagination, intuition, ego, and Guides. Learn how your guided information presents for you. We’ll discuss Guided Wr...

  • Dodie Hunter

    Dodi Hunter - Arkansas. I AM a Healer and I Am a Medium. Both of these gifts bring me, and I hope others, great joy. One of the greatest gifts I have ever received was the day I stepped into Ozark Research Institute. That day changed my life forever. Harold and Gladys McCoy have been my frien...

  • Jerry Gin

    ❖ Jerry Gin, Ph.D. https://jerrygin.com
    Connecting Thoughts, Radiesthesia, Subtle Energies, and Your I AM Essence
    You are your thoughts. Subtle energies follow the instructions from your thoughts. Everything around you have subtle energy which you can detect and measure. Your thoughts lead...

  • Alan and Anita Handelsman Music in the N.U.D.E

    ❖ Alan Handelsman & Anita Handelsman www.mbsHypnotherapy.com www.ResonanceTuner.com
    Music In The N.U.D.E. (New Understanding of Detrimental Emotion)
    This won't be the usual keynote lecture. Being a musician, Alan will use actual keys and play actual notes. Earlier this century, Ani...